21. Which utility provides statistical information such as the number of pages and rows and stores them in Catalog tables?  

Runstats utility updated the catalog tables with the statistical information.

22. Which command is used to commit a transaction in CICS program?  

SYNCPOINT command is used to commit a transaction in CICS program.

23. Which isolation level ensures highest data integrity?  

Repeatable Read ensures highest data integrity as it holds page and lock the rows until a COMMIT point.

24. If a transaction has an exclusive lock on some data, then what are the other types of lock which can be applied on it?  

A transaction gets an Exclusive lock when it is about to write at that time no other lock can be applied on it.

25. What is the input to the bind process?  

DBRM is the input to the bind process which is produced in the pre-compile step.

26. How you will count the number of rows from a table TAB?  

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TAB query is used to count the number of rows in a table.

27. Suppose we added a new column by using ALTER statement, where the column will be added?  

When we use ALTER statement for adding a new column then it will be added at the end of the table.

28. In a COBOL-DB2 program where can we declare a cursor?  

We can declare a cursor either i Working Storage Section or in Procedure Division also.

29. When you will face SQLCODE -818?  

SQLCODE -818 is a timestamp mismatch of load module and bind timestamp built from DBRM.

30. When you will face SQLCODE -922?  

If a user is not authorized to access DB2 objects, he will face SQLCODE -922.

31. When you will face SQLCODE -911?  

At the time of deadlock or timeout you will face SQLCODE -911.

32. When you will face SQLCODE -803?  

When you will try to insert or update a record with duplicate key then you will face SQLCODE = -803.

33. What does application plan contains?  

Application plan consists of one or more DBRM & application package which is kept in buffer pool during program execution.

34. Suppose a Plan contains 4 Packages & we modified one of the DBRM which is present in one of the Package. Then for normal functionality of application what should we do?  

We will bind only that package which contains the modified DBRM. No need to bind all the packages. /p>

35. What happens in BIND step in a DB2 program?  

Bind step converts all the SQL statements into executable form in COBOL-DB2 program.

36. What does a positive SQL code indicates?  

A negative SQL code indicates a failure while a positive one indicates an exception. /p>

37. Which statement is used to revoke the access from a database?  

REVOKE statement is used to take away the permissions from a Database.

38. Which statement is used to authorize access on database tables?  

GRANT keyword is used to grant privileges on DB2 tables.

39. In which statement you can define primary key?  

Primary keys are optional and we can define them in CRETAE TABLE & ALTER TABLE statements.

40. How many primary keys can be declared on a table?  

A table can have only one primary key.

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