ATG Dynamo

1. What is ATG?  

ATG is a framework for creating web applications. It is based on J2EE standards.

2. Define ATG Dynamo?  

ATG Dynamo, also known as Dynamo Application Server (DAS) or Dynamo ATG is an app server based on J2EE that the Art Technology Group created.

3. Define ATG framework?  

The ATG framework is used for building Web applications which can run on JBOSS, WebLogic, WebSphere and other J2EE application servers.

4. Mention what is the core of ATG?  

The core of the ATG platform is
DAF or Dynamo Application Framework ,which implements a component development model based on JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and JavaBeans.

5. Explain what is a droplet in ATG?  

Basically, a droplet is an ATG’s custom servlet which has some atg-specific customization. It can be correlated with the HttpServlet in J2EE, but here we use DynamoServlet class which implements javax.servlet.Servlet interface in ATG.

Droplets are mainly used to abstract out the business logic in server side code.

6. Explain what is a component in ATG?  

In ATG a component is simply is a configuration file (a simple text file with .properties extension), which uses a java class.

7. what are the core components of ATG?  

Core components of ATG are DAS,DAF,DPS,ATG Commerce,ATG Publishing,DSS.

8. How do the terms ATG Dynamo and ATG framework interact?  

The ATG framework is used by Dynamo ATG.

9. Explain what is a Nucleus in ATG?  

In ATG, Nucleus is referred to the ATG container for components. It provides an hierarchical name space to component. Each component has a unique full name so that pages and other components can reference it.

10. Explain what is ATG component scope?  

Scope is nothing but a nucleus variable, which tells the nucleus till when a component will exist.

11. Describe the meaning of scope Dynamo ATG components?  

ATG components have 3 types of scopes including request, session & global.

The default scope is Global.

12. By using what sign in the configuration files does nucleus properties are processed?  

The nucleus properties are processed by using the $ sign in the configuration files.

13. Which scope is considered to be the default scope?  


14. What ATG Dynamo base class is extended when creating form handlers?

15. Explain how you can create a JSPs in ATG or JSP page is processed in ATG?  

You can create a JSPs in ATG or JSP page is processed in ATG by following steps,
  • User access the browser, type a URL and send a request for a JSP to ATG application
  • ATG application receives the request for the JSP file you requested
  • Once the JSP is found it is compiled into JAVA code
  • When all the content is fetched by the Java code, the end result is converted into plain HTML
  • This HTML page is sent back to the browser.

This is how the JSP page is processed in ATG application.

16. Droplets are created by what Dynamo ATG base class?

17. What form handlers are involved with checkout?  


18. What methods are involved with checkout?  

Many, including handleMoveToConfirm

19. Name 7 common elements a user may see during checkout through ATG Dynamo?  

Add to shopping cart, Login, Billing address, Payment, eMail confirmation, Confirm button, Shipped eMail address.

20. Mention what are the types of Pipeline in ATG?  

The types of request handling pipelines used by Dynamo
  • DAS Servlet pipeline – It is used to handle JHTML request.
  • DAF Servlet Pipeline – It is used to handle the JSP request.

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