ATG Dynamo

21. Mention what are the two methods in a component?  

The two methods in a component are:
getters & setters

22. Mention what is the difference between FormHandler, droplet and servlet?  

FormHandlers are used when there are forms. They help to perform validation for the forms.

Droplet is from ATG, and it is used to put or render data in the database.

Servlet is used to submit data, it acts as a controller. It is not used to put data.

23. What is ATG Dynamo & What is ATG Framework?  

ATG Dynamo or Dynamo Application Server(DAS) is a J2EE application server from Art Technology Group(ATG).

ATG Framework is an Application framework for building web applications.This framework contains all necessary modules and component requires for building and running ATG application. The application framework can also be run on all major J2EE application servers like JBoss,WebLogic,WebSphere etc.

24. Mention the Advantages of DAF?  

  • It is used to deal huge data
  • It can write any object of type 1 call in to the db.
  • Dynamo messaging using patch bay and jms
  • Dependency injection

25. Explain what are the performance issues with ATG?  

The performance issues with ATG include
  • High levels of database activity
  • CPU utilization problems
  • long running SQL queries
  • Slow response times

26. Describe the process for comparing strings in Java.For example,
if string a=”test” and string b=”test” what would a==b identify?  

a==b means that both a & b are referencing the same constant string.

27. Describe the meaning of ATG Repository?  

Short Answer

Using ATG Dynamo, this is the process for entering into a Database using programs while keeping the actual application logic apart from the Database.

Long Answer

.ATG Repository refers to the ATG`s way of accessing the Database through programs. It is somewhat similar to what Hibernate offers, Seperating the Application Logic from that of Database. So Atg repository provides a fine grained abstraction between the application logic and Database. Thus it supports the ATG`s Data Anywhere paradigm, the application logic created by developers to interact with data need not change for any change in the source of that data. ATG repository architecture ensures that the source of the data is hidden behind the Dynamo Repository abstraction. It would be easy to change from a relational data source to another or to an LDAP directory since none of the application logic would need to change. Once data is retrieved from a data source it is transformed into an object-oriented representation. Manipulation of the data can then be done using simple getPropertyValue and setPropertyValue methods. The Repository API ties in closely with ATG’s targeting APIs, so you can retrieve items from the repository based on a variety of targeting rules, as well as retrieving specific identified items.

28. Identify Nucleus in Dynamo ATG?  

The core of ATG Dynamo is the nucleus which is also known as the Object Application Framework.

29. What is the important design patterns used in ATG?  

MVC(Modal View Controller) and IOC (Inversion of Control).

30. What is the design patterns used in Droplet?  

Dispatcher View Strategy (a pull based MVC) used by Droplets.

31. Where IOC pattern is used in ATG?  

Dependency Injection or Ioc (Inversion of Control) is used by nucleus to resolve dependencies between components.

32. Mention what are the two types of cache that ATG repository maintains?  

The two types of cache that ATG repository maintains

(i) Item Cache
(ii) Query Cache.

33. Explain what is ATG DPS?What are its elements?  

ATG DPS is referred to ATG Dynamo personalization system. The key elements of ATG are
  • User Profile Management
  • Content Targetting
  • Targeted E-mail

34. Mention what is the main difference between JSP and DSP tag libraries?  

The main difference between JSP and DSP tag libraries are
  • Dsp is a ATG specific tag libraries that involves in executing only DAF framework resources. Also, Dsp imports all objects of type class.
  • JSP involves in all the functionalities for web application development. Also, Jsp imports only the primitive data types.

35. Explain what if the ATG applications are deployed on a cluster of servers?  

If the ATG applications are deployed on a cluster of servers then it is better to go for either Distributed caching or Locked caching.

36. Mention what is the difference between dsp and dspel tags?  

DSP tags : DSP tag library tags support runtime expressions. These tags use an id attribute to name the scripting variables they create.

DSPEL tag : DSPEL tag library tags support JSTL Expression Language (EL) elements that are also evaluated at runtime.

37. Mention what is the standard atg.repository.QueryBuilder interface defines?  

The standard atg.repository.QueryBuilder interface defines available query operations that repositories should support.

38. Mention what is the advantage of Nucleus in ATG?  

The advantage of Nucleus in ATG are,
  • It renders a simple way to write new components.
  • In nucleus, applications don’t need to contain code to create instances of components. It is created and administered through configuration files.
  • By organizing configuration files into layers Nucleus provides a convenient way to modify and extend component properties.
  • Nucleus provides a large number of out-of-the-box generalized service components.
  • Nucleus makes it easy for application developers to set the scope of their components.

39. Explain how can you embed the output of a Java servlet (an ATG servlet bean) in a JSP?  

In order to embed the output of a Java servlet (an ATG servlet bean) in a JSP you need to add dsp:droplet tag with a bean attribute.

40. Mention in order to use custom ATG servlet beans with the ATG Control Center what is required?  

In order to use custom ATG servlet beans with the ATG Control Center you need to apply following requirements:
  • You must make a BeanInfo file that defines the servlet bean’s parameters.
  • The class must extend atg.servlet.DynamoServlet.

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