Cake PHP

1. what is cakephp?  

Cakephp is a rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. it uses commonly known design patterns like MVC,ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm, It also reduces development costs and helps developers write less code.

2. why cakephp, and why not any other framework?  

it has been for years in the market with strong support in the form of communities and online documentation, it supports php 4/5 , sometimes it becomes mandatory to support php4 because of client's limitation in support php5, there cakephp helps.

3. can you remember what is the directory structure when you download cakephp?  


  • config/
  • controllers/
  • models/
  • plugins/
  • tmp/
  • vendors/
  • views/
  • webroot/


  • config/
  • docs/
  • libs/


4. What is meant by MVC?  

model view controller, it is a software architecture, used to isolates business logic from presentation logic. cakephp is based on mvc pattern.

5. What are 3 important parts of MVC?  

1. The Model represents the application data
2. The View renders a presentation of model data
3. The Controller handles and routes requests made by the client

6. What are the features in Cake php?  

1. Compatible with versions 4 and 5 of PHP
2. MVC architecture
3. Built-in validations
4. Caching
5. scaffolding

7. What is the name of Cake's database configuration file?  

By default it is database.php.default, you can find it in /app/config/database.php.default
for connecting to database, it should be renamed to database.php

8. What are controllers?  

A controller is used to manage the logic for a part of your application. Most commonly, controllers are used to manage the logic for a single model. Controllers can include any number of methods which are usually referred to as actions. Actions are controller methods used to display views. An action is a single method of a controller.

9. What is default function for a controller?  

index() function is default function for a controller

10. What is the first file that gets loaded when you run a application using cakephp? can you change that file.  

bootstrap.php is the file that get loaded first in Cakephp and yes it can be changed , either through index.php , or through htaccess.

11. What is a Component in cakephp?  

Components are packages of logic that are shared between controllers. They are useful when a common logic or code is required between different controllers.

12. What are commonly used components of cakephp?  

* Security
* Sessions
* Access control lists
* Emails
* Cookies
* Authentication
* Request handling

13. What are drawbacks of Cakephp ?  

The learning curve, and it loads full application before it starts your task. Its not recommended for small projects because of its resource heavy structure.

14. What is the naming convention in cakephp?  

Table names are plural and lowercased,model names are singular and CamelCased: ModelName, model filenames are singular and underscored: model_name.php, controller names are plural and CamelCased with *Controller* appended: ControllerNamesController, controller filenames are plural and underscored with *controller* appended: controller_names_controller.php

15. How can we use ajax in cakephp?  

By calling ajax helper and then using it in controller for rendering.

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